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The scandals and tragedies that devastated the lost Civil War South impacted the life of Edgar Degas in ways left unexplored until now. Take an intimate look into the lives of Degas and his maternal Creole family, the Mussons, during Edgar’s five-month sojourn into the Reconstruction New Orleans of 1872. Pull back the curtains that carefully guard the Musson women and discover the loves and losses of a family in crisis.

This is the definitive turning point of Degas’ life, markedly changing his art and his intimate relations. From this time of turmoil and intrigue springs the Impressionist Movement. Degas, an unquestioned Founder, pioneers an artistic freedom that changes Art and the World forever.


Filmed on Location at Degas House, 2306 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, by WYES Television, Public Broadcasting

Produced by the Edgar Degas Foundation

Funding Provided in Part by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities

Producer, Stephen Tyler

Director & Editor, David M. Jones

Executive Producer, David Villarrubia

Length, 29.20 Minutes

Format, VHS


Houston WorldFest Film Festival, SILVER AWARD, 2000

WorldFest Flagstaff Film Festival, GOLD AWARD, 1999

American Library Association, "Booklist" 1999 Editor’s Choice


The Degas Experience in conjunction with Degas and New Orleans, A French Impressionist in America, New Orleans Museum of Art

Degas and New Orleans, Ordrupgaard Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark, Introductory Documentary

Video Librarian, January – February 2000, 3 ½ of 4 stars

"This beautiful program provides insight into the artist, his work, and the little known sojourn that resulted in the flowering of the Impressionist movement. Highly recommended."

TV Focus, April 25 – May 1, 1999, 3 ½ of 4 stars

"The television prerequisite, Degas in New Orleans: A Creole Sojourn, will not only prep you for your museum visit, but should also wet local appetites with its tantalizing sampling of the visual riches soon to come."

Jim Byrnes
, Director Emeritus, New Orleans Museum of Art

John Bullard, Director, New Orleans Museum of Art

Dr. Gail Feigenbaum, Curator of Paintings, New Orleans Museum of Art  
Degas and New Orleans, A French Impressionist in America

Dr. Marilyn Brown, Professor of Art History, Tulane University;Author, Degas and the Business of Art, A Cotton Office in New Orleans

Dr. Christopher Benfey, Associate Professor of English, Mt. Holyoke College; Author, Degas In New Orleans, Encounters in the Creole World of Kate Chopin and George Washington Cable

Sally Reeves, Custodian, New Orleans Notarial Archives; Historian; Author, New Orleans Architectural Series, The Esplanade Ridge

Mary Louise Christovich, Historian; Author, New Orleans Architectural Series, the Esplanade Ridge

Dora Miller, Great Granddaughter of Estelle Musson Degas

George Schmidt, New Orleans Artist and Musician  


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All proceeds from the sale of the Film benefit The Edgar Degas Foundation whose educational mission includes restoring the Home and preserving the legacy of Degas for New Orleans and the World.


The Edgar Degas Foundation's educational mission is to restore the Home and preserve the legacy of Degas for New Orleans and the World.