The Edgar Degas Foundation's educational mission is to restore the Home and preserve the legacy of Degas for New Orleans and the World. The Edgar Degas Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. All proceeds are tax deductible including tours, donations, memberships and purchases made from the on-line gift shop and acquisitions from the House itself.

Edgar Degas, 1872
Founded in 1995, the non-profit Edgar Degas Foundation is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the French Impressionist Master, Edgar Degas, and serving as a cultural resource center for the public. The Foundation adopted two goals from the onset to achieve its misson. The first goal was the restoration of the Musson-Degas Home located at 2306 Esplanade Avenue. The Artist lived in this home from October 1872 to March 1873 while visiting his maternal relatives, the Musson Family.

Purchased in 1993, Phase I of the restoration was completed on March 1, 1997, with private funds. The restoration has received numerous awards, including Excellence in Restoration from the Louisiana Preservation Alliance, An Affiliate of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The New Orleans Historic Landmarks Commission granted the Degas House a Purple Rating, one of only six in New Orleans, and the City awarded the Foundation with its Golden Hammer Award for Historic Preservation. The Degas House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Phase II of the restoration began in December of 1998. The work is ongoing and will include the replacement of the original wrought iron fence as shown in the architectural drawings from 1863, as well as work on the grounds and adjacent structures of the original Estate.

The second goal adopted by the Foundation is the establishment of a cultural resource center to provide service to the community and educate the public about Degas in New Orleans. The Foundation provides books, videos, and research material to students, scholars, writers, historians and members of the public interested in learning more about the French Impressionist Master.

The Degas House is available to the public for tours, meetings, special events and overnight stays. The Foundation welcomes artists, scholars and historians to visit the Degas House. We offer assistance in research and facilities for exhibitions of work.

The Foundation is pleased that their documentary, Degas in New Orleans: A Creole Sojourn, received the Gold Award at the Flagstaff International Film Festival. Filmed on location at the Degas House, the documentary was produced by the Edgar Degas Foundation and the Degas House. The film chronicles the life and legacy of the painter in New Orleans (The New Orleans Collection) and was supported by a grant from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. The Collection was painted in the Degas House where his bedroom was also his studio. Due to his failing eyesight and the brightness of the Louisiana sun, the entire New Orleans Collection was painted in the Degas House.

The Foundation continues to work with local schools and organizations fostering the artistic talents of our students and encouraging a greater understanding of the works of Edgar Degas. We are pleased with our continuing relationship with John McDonogh Senior High School and other area schools by hosting programs for interns, school tour groups and other activities.

The Degas Foundation is deeply grateful for the support of all who share our belief that the preservation of art is our cultural imperative.

We invite your inquiries regarding membership in the Edgar Degas Foundation. Membership levels include categories for students, individuals, families, business, patrons and corporations. Every member receives a copy of the video, Degas in New Orleans, A Creole Sojourn, a tour of the House and a copy of the quarterly newsletter. Depending on the level of membership, the Foundation also offers discounts on accommodations and event space.



The Edgar Degas Foundation's educational mission is to restore the Home and preserve the legacy of Degas for New Orleans and the World.